bettybites (bettybites) wrote in riot_icons,

Le Tigre icons with lyrics..

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Oh I love them! Can I have the cassavetes?

It's yours. (Of course.)
hey i just joined this community. Can i have the one with the parrot?
You don't have to ask. Go ahead and take whatever you want.
i took the second and 3rd ones! im prbably gonna use them for deadjournal thou


December 15 2003, 05:20:33 UTC 13 years ago

heylo...i'm from deadjournal! :o/

i took the parrot's one of my fav songs hehe yay!

you have mega talent :)

x daisy x []
hi - these are fantastic! i'm taking the second one, thankyou muchly!

i think i read somewhere you'll consider requests - would you consider a holly golightly one?

i went to see her a few weeks ago in belfast and she was utterly fabulous. gig of the year, without any doubt.
taking the 'yr my only cure' one.
taking the 2nd one.
i took the 3rd one...
good work.
i took 2 & 3
i took the 2nd one thank you.
Hi ho, I took the first two, thankies.
took the first two, thanks!
i'm so using that first one!
I took the second. Pure quality!
sorry i'm posting so late, i just found this community...damn your icons are fuckin amazing!!! i'm taking number 2 if u don't mind..if anyone asks me about it i'll give credit where credit is due...thanks!!!

p.s got anymore bikini kill icons laying around???

whose cassavettes?
i took #2 ..thank you.. all of your icons are so awesome.. great taste in music
took #4 thnx!
i took 2 , thx!!!
*grin* i snagged numero tres. yay for cool music.
took the first one.
thank you!
ooo, the first one!

may i take cassavetes?

thank yuuu! <3
Of course! :)
Snatched 2 and 4, I <3 them
hey. i took #1 and #3. i love this community. keep updating. sweet!
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