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Sorry for the wait, I need good image hosting!

1. Julie Ruin 2. Bangs 3. the Gossip
4. Frumpies 5. 6. Pippi Longstocking
7. 8. Clarissa Explains It All 9. Gravy Train!!!
10. 11. Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 12.
13. Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
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wow! those are so great!
i especially love the "clarissa explains it all" one.
old school nick is the rockout.
good job!
Thank you!
pippi longstocking = GOD. i'm glad someone else realizes that.
julie & gravy ones fav
how do i make them JPG to use as icons? <3
i found this through random searching, and i really like the number 11, if i could use it? thanks.
Yeah, totally. Take it.
i had a hard time choosing between the gossip or the frumpies, but can i use one of your frumpies ones please?
Fuck, I never got the reply in my email so I'm sorry for not answering you back. If you still want it, you can take any icon you want.
yay i ♥ the julie ruin icon
taking the gossip icon. neat! 48tyaoh4ejb
i took julie ruin
i took the 1.julie ruin nice thanks so much darling[!]
i took miss clarissa darling..very cool
i am taking the gravy train!!! one if you don't mind :D